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Ali Valdez
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Self Storage Units can be incredibly useful for renters who are looking to facilitate a move, keep prized possessions safe, or simply find a way to declutter their existing homes. This article isnt about the many diverse advantages of renting storage units, though. Instead, it focuses on several tips and tricks for ensuring that the belongings kept in them are kept safe and secure.

Determine Whether Climate Control is Necessary

The first step anyone considering renting Storage Units in Queens NY should take is to determine whether or not climate control will be necessary. If there are any items such as photos, artwork, records, important documents, musical instruments, or antiques being stored in the unit that might be damaged by rapid temperature changes or high humidity levels, its always best to play it safe and upgrade to a climate-controlled unit. Most renters who are using their units for storing things like clothing, toys, and seasonal goods dont need climate control but, when in doubt, its always best to ask a storage professional.

Look for Layers of Protection

When choosing Self Storage Facilities in Queens NY, look for one that offers several layers of protection. At the very least there should be a strong security fence surrounding the property and a gate requiring electronic key codes. brooklyn self storage facilities offer video surveillance and even on-site security guards, and both can go a long way toward deterring potential burglars.

Purchase a Solid Lock

Many facilities require renters to bring their own locks for their Self Storage Units in Queens NY. When choosing a lock, its important not to skimp on quality. Instead, purchase a high-quality lock that cant be cut by wire cutters or bolt cutters to make sure that no one is able to access the unit without permission.

Ask About Insurance Coverage

Some storage facilities offer insurance to their renters, and some homeowners and renters insurance policies cover off-site items. Ask about coverage, though, to determine what exactly is covered, and purchase additional policies if necessary. The peace of mind will be worth the extra investment.

Keep self storage brooklyn detailed record of all items stored in the unit will come in handy in the unlikely event that renters do need to file insurance claims. Be sure to list each items value and to note the serial numbers of any electronic equipment being stored. In self storage brooklyn ny to ensuring that everything will be covered, taking this step will also help renters stay organized.
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