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Finding Big and Tall Mens T-shirt Made Easy
A few years ago, having to shop in a big and tall men’s T-shirt store carried quite a stigma with it. It was embarrassing for these shoppers because they felt others looked at them in a negative way.
Fortunately, that stigma is no longer around, and things are just so much different. That’s because the T-shirt sizes have shifted enough that people who were considered “normal” just a few years ago have now been designated as “big and tall.” So the effect is that regular department stores and retailers are now stocking these sizes, and also many designers are doing work in these size categories, as well. Well share some very helpful dressing tips that will keep you looking sharp in big and tall T-shirt.
Always try to avoid fabric that flows but it can breathe. Shirts that have that flowy look to them may seem like a good idea to wear. After all, they allow for good circulation and feel good to touch. However, youll look like you weigh a lot more than is accurate, and they tend to make a person look larger than is actually the case.
The best fabrics are those containing cotton, or a blend. The great thing about these fabrics is theyre stronger, so they will contain better, plus youll still benefit from good circulating ability. This is good for those who are very sensitive about their weight because the containing properties of these fabrics will have that affect. Probably a lot of adults are not too thrilled with going to shopping malls, but this is always a viable option especially if youre looking for formal attire. A mall will have a number of different T-shirt stores, but you can still save time and call them, too. Another great thing is that youll find more to choose from compared to a store located someplace else, and not in a mall.
So its smart to check for whats on sale when you first go into a store - great deals plus you may find something you really like. Its T-Shirt Printing Singapore for sizes that dont quickly sell to be placed on the sales racks. The more common sizes always sell at a regular rate of sales, but not the uncommon sizes so they go on sale just to get rid of them. So actually being a size that is not common can help you save money.
Its usually much easier to find the clothes you want in the sizes that fit you best when you know where to look. Ignore the big and tall label and be proud that youre able to buy the clothes you want in a style to match your personality. The fact is that more and more designers are designing beautiful T-shirt for this size range every day. The old stigma of big and tall from a decade ago no longer exists, as more retailers understand that fashion is for everyone. Peoples concept of fashion is contantly changing. Who knows—in a few more years the “big and tall” distinction might be gone completely!
Silkscreen Printing Singapore
Silkscreen printing, likewise referred to as screen printing, is a popular technique for applying designs on t-shirts. Direct silkscreen printing is the favored approach for printing high amount orders.
It works like a stencil, where the art work is burned unto a mesh and empty areas are covered with a resistant chemical. After which, ink is used and pressed through the mesh, onto the t-shirt.
There are 3 kinds of silkscreen prints - direct silkscreen, indirect silkscreen and reflective silkscreen prints. Depending upon your art work details, we will choose the most ideal type to print your artwork on your choice of clothing.
Ark Industries: Tshirt Printing Printing Specialist
Given that 2005, the Ark Industries brand is one of quality assurance and great client service. We guarantee that the artwork file made use of for silkscreen printing is of high quality and the colours selected will look dynamic on your garments.
Ark Industries Products Range
We have a wide array of items available at Ark Industries. Select amongst top quality or unbranded garments for your corporate logos or artwork to be printed on! Our brand partners include global brands such as adidas, Taylormade, Yupoong Flexfit, Under Armour and Puma.
The Ark Industries items vary includes:
• Round neck t-shirts
• Polo shirts
• Button t-shirts
• Long sleeve t-shirts
• Jackets, hoodies and coats
• Towels
• Teamwear Jerseys, shorts and socks
• Lanyards
• Bags
• Caps
Developed in 2005-- Ark Industries has actually turned into among the leading embroidery and printing companies in Singapore. We pride ourselves in producing quality print or embroidery products and care about offering fast turnaround times at inexpensive prices for our clients.
We make use of only quality materials imported from Germany for both our embroidery (Madeira) and prints (The Magic Touch) to guarantee versus fading and provide a 100 % replacement assurance on items that come off the line from Ark Industries.
In order to stay true to our dedication, we construct relationships with both our customers and providers in order to pay attention to our customers requirements. With this, the trust that we have been given can been proven through the distribution rights that we have actually been awarded. Brands such as adidas, Taylormade and adidas golf garments, Nike running, CompresSport, Yupoong flexfit caps and Hanes tees.
We have actually grown from a company that made use of to supply only embroidery and printing services, to one that now houses our own in-house design team that not just does personalized designs for their clients, but likewise collaborates with them to formulate brand advancements for production.
The group at Ark Industries believes in providing quality products to each of our consumers. Considering that 2005, the Ark Industries brand is one of quality guarantee and great customer service. We guarantee that the artwork file made use of for silkscreen printing is of high quality and the colours picked will look lively on your garments.
We have a wide array of products readily available at Ark Industries. Select amongst top quality or unbranded garments for your business logos or art work to be printed on!
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