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Hola. Soy shade3steam.
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1009 dias
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Hello, my name is Mike Kelly owner of AVC. I have been a custom furniture maker by vocation and an audiophile by avocation for over 35 years now. My goal with AVC is to combine my expertise in these two areas to supply audio enthusiasts with effective, attractive and affordable isolation and vibration control products. These products are manufactured in America, by American craftspeople and use American made materials whenever possible. I have worked with a number of materials over the years including all types of wood, glass, metal and stone (marble and granite) and have become very familiar with their properties and how they relate to audio.  Our unique combination of extensional damping damping materials was born from this knowledge and chosen not because they are inexpensive to make (they are not) but because of their proven effectiveness. You can read more about the materials we use on our “About The Materials ” page. In addition to our standard product offerings we work with our customers to provide them with custom sized platforms and racks that are a perfect fit for their unique components. Many of our customers also have ideas for other audio related items (super tweeter stands, speaker stands, spacers for horn systems etc.) they want built from these materials as well and we are happy to oblige. If you can dream it we can usually build it! Thanks for stopping by our website, please come back often and, most of all, good listening! []]["Audiophilevibrationcontrol.Com N" []]["E Audiophilevibrationcontrol.Com" []]["Audiophilevibrationcontrol.Com I" []]["Audiophilevibrationcontrol.Com E" []] []]["D Audiophilevibrationcontrol.Com" []]["B Audiophilevibrationcontrol.Com"
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